Friday, July 13, 2012

I dared to tempt Friday the 13th, and that bitch did nothing!

           I find it insane that even though we are in the 21st century, people still hold onto silly superstitions. (and do not even understand what they mean.) I love to read about where these things got started, and often no one even knows. Why do we keep perpetuating this bullshit? [see: Ignorance: It's an epidemic]  I tried every way I could  think of to tempt fate today, and guess what! NOTHING happened! My plan was to do a Friday the 13th post tonight and either it was going to be horrible, or I was going to be mocking this ridiculous day.

Let the mocking begin!

           I had a great day! I slept SUPER late and woke up feeling pretty good. I posted some funnies on facebook and trolled on cafemom while discovering how much I LOVE the Dresden Dolls most of the afternoon. My computer did not crash. No one dared insult my incredible trolling abilities. No coin operated boys jumped out of the computer and offered to cuddle me for 25 cents, nor did Amanda Palmer try to take me in the bathroom. *squeak*
           At 5:30 this evening my husband and I left the house to pick up my step-daughters. I decided to make things interesting because so far my Friday the 13th had been pretty uneventful. I waited until I was driving through a notorious speed trap and sped up to 80 in a 65. I even passed a cop. No blue lights, no terrible crashes.
           After picking up the children, we went shopping at Big Lots for cereal and they had most of my favorite junk foods for less than half the price of the grocery store. I would call that a SCORE. Bad luck my ass. *crunches her two dollar cool ranch Doritos*
           Before we came home my wonderful husband ran into the grocery store to pick up a couple items I needed to complete dinner. I parked in the fire lane. I did not get towed. No one even looked at me. (Where is a good fire when you need one?)
           As we were leaving the grocery store I noticed the sky over our neighborhood looked BLACK. I LOVE storms so this was not sad news for me at all. The whole way home I kept thinking, OK this is where this day will take a turn for the worse, the power will go out while I am cooking or I will get struck by lightening while I have my hands in the dishwater. Yet another disappointment. It didn't start raining until after I came in from picking some basil and rosemary for my tortellini. I did not burn our dinner or myself. I did not chop my hand off while crushing garlic, dicing tomatoes or chopping herbs. The food turned out wonderfully and our bellies are all full and happy now. The storm was beautiful and over much too quickly for my liking.*sigh*
            I am honestly bored with this day. Wait a min, I wanted something bad to happen, and nothing did. So maybe that was how the evil spirit of Friday the 13th (otherwise known as Jason Voorhees) got me. Had I wanted to have a good day, maybe everything would have turned out horribly. That made sense right? *scratches head*
           OK people, I am living proof that Friday the 13th is all in your head.

           There was an English scientist who did a study comparing car accident rates between Friday the 6th and Friday the 13th. He found that there was a 52% higher instance of emergency room visits resulting from car accidents on the 13th. I do not believe that this proves the 13th is bad luck. This proves that people are idiots. They scare themselves half to death expecting the sky to fall at any second and because they are nervous and unfocused they miscalculate and bad things happen. I think this study is a great look at human psychology. I believe you make your own "luck" bad or good. So next Friday the 13th (September 13, 2013) take a xanex and put it out of your mind and you will be just fine!
           *Interesting fact: 2012 had three Friday the 13ths, and they were exactly 13 weeks apart. Creepy...if you buy into that kind of crap.


  1. That's why the world is ending this year! Lol. Blah blah blah. You bring bad luck on yourself. I agree. It's all in your head!