Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the eye of the beholder

        I want to know what idiot decided that size zero with plastic double D's and bleach blond hair is the only description of beautiful. Why does Hollywood get to tell us what to be attracted to? Who the hell do they think they are?

       It is beyond me why any woman would willingly go under the knife and alter their bodies. There are few exceptions, in my opinion, where plastic surgery should be acceptable. In cases after gastric bypass, or some kind of accident, I think plastic surgery is a great thing. However, I think it is absolutely nuts when these beautiful girls get boob jobs, nose jobs or lipo when they already look FINE. What is worse is that mothers every where are not only allowing it, they are encouraging it. To me, you are basically telling your daughter two things by doing this:

1) You aren't pretty enough for people to like you and people liking you is so important that you should have major surgery to make sure they do!

2) There is only one description of beautiful. Fitting this description is the only way you will ever be worth anything.

      I say to hell with the image of beauty the media wants to shove down our throats. I don't find fake attractive at all. I think real women with stretch marks, rolls, big butts, flat butts, tiny boobs, huge boobs, big noses, thin lips, crooked teeth, scars and any and all things normal, real women have, are BEAUTIFUL. Beauty comes in EVERY shape, size and color imaginable. If God only had one idea of beautiful, we would all look the same.

      Ladies, we have to learn to love ourselves. You only get one body and one shot at life, and life is too short to spend it obsessing about fleeting beauty. We all end up shriveled and "ugly" if we are lucky enough to get old. There is no point in spending thousands of dollars and years of your life trying to obtain the unobtainable.

     Whether you are a size 0 or a size 30 you are a beautiful, sexy woman. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, as long as YOU believe that. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman. These women who carve themselves like thanksgiving turkey don't have confidence. They don't have inner beauty. (and we all know that's the only beauty that counts!) They hate themselves so much that they feel like they have to mutilate the perfectly beautiful bodies they were born with in order to be loved and accepted. Surround your self with people who see you for all that you are, (flaws, imperfections and awesomeness) and love you for every bit of it!

      Stop complaining about insignificant "flaws" in your body! They aren't flaws they are differences. The great thing about differences is that everyone likes something different. While one man my only like skinny girls, another loves curves. The list goes on and on. Whatever it is you don't like about yourself, there is someone out there that loves it. Don't compare yourself to women that had to have surgery to look a certain way and then have the picture airbrushed because she still wasn't "perfect" enough. Love yourself for being real.

      I know that loving ourselves isn't ever easy. I have struggled with my own self image demons. But it is time to stop letting ads, movies, TV shows and crazy people tell us what is beautiful. Find one thing about your self that you love and start there. Learn to love every flaw on your body! It tells a story, it makes you human, and it makes you beautiful!


  1. I agree that our society places to much emphasis on what the media thinks is beautiful. However, I told my husband long ago that if I ever have money to blow, maybe from my first best-selling novel ;), I will be getting stuff put back where it belongs. LOL

    I take care of myself physically and there is just no correcting some things that playing host to another PERSON screwed up for me. Haha.

    I love myself. I love my body. But someday I hope to say goodbye to these stretch marks once and for all.

    Great blog.

  2. I really enjoyed this blog. As I have had a bad self image for quite some time now. I am seriously trying to improve the way I see myself.
    It's a start by looking at my stretch marks as "love lines". They represent all 4 of my children and my love for them! That cannot be a bad thing!!!
    Now on to the next issue...and I'll keep you updated with my progress.
    Thanks for this one. ALOT of us women needed to hear it!

  3. What we don't realize is those magazine pics are airbrushed and retouched beyond recognition at times. The only exceptions are the "DONT" photos and the "before" pics.
    I used to hate my nose. Honest to heavens, I HATED it. When my daughter was born and I see how beautiful she is now at 5, I realize she has my nose and it doesn't look bad on her so I should stop complaining..
    My daughter makes me feel beautiful. So even me, overweight with low self-esteem, has her beautiful moments thanks to my Mini-Me!

  4. Kudos! Love this post...and the picture is priceless. Sad but true!

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