Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mean Girls

            I am not talking about the movie. I am talking about real life "women" who enjoy doing the most horrible, hurtful, ugly things they can think of to someone else for their own personal entertainment. Do not get me wrong, I am completely guilty of making fun of others, and making fun of myself. This can be enjoyable if you and the other person have a mutual understanding that it's all in good fun. I am however, appalled at the levels some people will stoop to try and hurt someone else all because they find it humorous. I am not talking about revenge, or light ribbing. Being deliberately hurtful, pushing as far as you can trying to actually hurt some one's feelings.

          I'm sorry, but when did watching other's suffering become an acceptable pastime?

          Have you ever watched a movie set in medieval times, where someone is about to be beheaded for something stupid and there is a crowd of toothless villagers wearing disgusting rags cheering, cursing and throwing things at the (often innocent) beheadee?

          How about in Salem, if you didn't like someone there in 1692 you could just say you saw her fly and then party it up while she gets burned at the stake, hanged, drowned or beaten to death! 

          I'm sure we've all seen the scene in about 80% of old western movies where an African American or Native American was being hung. Usually it was some stupid reason that all boiled down to racist assholes being racist assholes and using any excuse to treat other human beings like less than themselves.

         Most of us would be outraged if any of these scenarios were to occur in modern times. The trouble is, in essence it is still happening! In each of these past events people persecuted their equals for fun, out of fear or for power. (If not all three!) Sounds to me like they are the "mean girls" of the past.

         I decided to preform a bit of a social experiment last night. I joined an online group notorious for being "mean girls" and bashing others for no apparent reason. With in minutes of membership they called me out in a post titled with my screen name and spend a good two hours bashing me. Honestly I found this all very funny and was making fun of myself right along with them. Right when the taunting was starting to die down, this "woman" who wasn't even really a part of the conversation decided to take it further. Way further. Like crossing over from trolling and into "mean girl" territory. She somehow found posts of mine from other groups from over a year ago, one of which was asking for advice about a very sensitive marital issue (how she even found this I don't know, what a psycho) and posted them up in this group. She titled the post "DH (darling husband) must be tired of her worn out *****!" They all proceeded to have fun with my personal business, which I had posted in groups that are specifically for people seeking marital advice and as I said OVER a year ago! This "woman" did this, not because I attacked her in any way, but simply for the joy it would bring her to make another woman cry. I chose to rise above their bullshit and simply leave the group with out feeding the monster any further. (Don't feed the troll!) I did not comment on these posts or say a single word about it. I know that's what they wanted. These are mothers, most of them in their 30s and 40s. Let me ask you this, if your daughters were treating others this way how would you handle it? Do you honestly think this is acceptable behavior or a good example for your children? I would NEVER allow my children to treat people this way. Nor would I treat someone like that. I don't particularly care what people think of me, but I do care how I make others feel about themselves. I could not personally attack some random person for sport. I do not find that fun or humorous not to mention, I do not want the bad karma, or the guilt on my conscience.

     Lets face facts bitches. If you are a "mean girl" you need to seek psychological help. You are right up there with the other sociopaths that like to torture little animals. You have no conscience or empathy for fellow mankind. Anyone who enjoys watching other human beings (or animals for that matter) suffer (emotionally, physically or otherwise) is EVIL.   If you are so miserable in your own skin that you have to tear others down to find some small semblance of satisfaction in your life, I feel extremely sorry for you. Maybe if you weren't such a hateful, juvenile bitch someone could love you. You really do need help, and I hope you can come down off of your high horse long enough to get the intensive psychotherapy you so desperately need.

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  1. Very well said. I agree, whole heartedly with EVERY WORD you wrote, here. And let me add, if I may, that the people that do this are the ones that feel they have to. They think it takes focus off of their "ugliness". Like an abusive husband. They think it gives them power. What a crock! What they are is pathetic!!
    Great blog!